Introducing Micro Grants for a Pandemic

The Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) is inviting local artists to apply for the 2020 Micro Grants Program.

2020 Micro Grants have been delayed until MAC could assess the appropriate response to challenges faced by the impact of COVID-19 on the arts communities and their ability to do their works. 

The goal this year is to apply two criteria to each grant: develop public awareness and assist in career development. 

Notably for Visual Artists, MAC will be commissioning 4 or more utility box treatments, and we are developing a practical format and venue for sponsoring a significant new live Fine Arts Sale as soon as it is safe. 

For Dancers, a new storytelling video grant is being considered and as soon as we have the creative approach in place, there will be an announcement on this initiative. Ideas are welcome. 

Grants are available to individual artists and unregistered groups/collectives living in or based in Mississauga. Applications with partners are encouraged and will enjoy an advantage.

Each project has its own completion date and needs to incorporate a free public experience.

Submissions to MAC’s Micro Grants can be submitted through the Google Form below. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

To learn more about each funding opportunity, as well as Eligibility and Scoring and Evaluation criteria please see the Guidelines.

Categories for funding

For writer/producers, especially playwrights, a 2-part grant:

  1. Write and design an original play, minimum 40 minutes, related to the COVID-19 pandemic, suitable for performance as a theatre in the park experience for a general adult audience. Writing $2,500. 
  2. Cast and produce this play on site in a park* for one night that is free to the public, MAC will provide the park site at no cost. Any additional shows and venues are optional to the play producers to secure with or without MAC’s help. Producing $3,000.

*Play will be shown based on COVID-19 government public health measures in place of time of performance in 2021. 

Funding available: 1 winning writer/producer, total $5,500

Deadline for project check-in with progress update: September 14 and October 19, 2020

Deadline first part of project (Written play): November 23, 2020

Deadline for second part of project (Produced play): August 30, 2021

Deadline for project report: One month after project completion

For video producers to write, direct, produce 1 documentary, minimum 15 minutes in length, presenting the extraordinary creative women of South Asian descent, that contribute so much to the artistic quality of life in Mississauga. 

Winner is encouraged to attract additional funding for the project. MAC will work with you to secure a physical or online screening location* for the premiere and any subsequent viewings are for the producer to arrange. 

*Premiere of works will be either online (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Website) or a physical location based on COVID-19 government public health measures. 

Funding available: $6,000

Deadline for completed project: March 1, 2021 

Deadline for project report: One month after project completion.

Poetry writers, spoken word artists and fiction authors, create works that will be read and/or performed on a tour, this tour will be offered for free at least once to underserved communities either live or online. 

Applicant needs to identify who their audience will be and indicate a connection to the underserved community they wish to tour. MAC will assist as needed.

*Tour will be based on COVID-19 government public health measures in place of time of events. 

Funding available: 1 winning group or producer, total $2,500

Deadline for completed project: April 19, 2021 

Deadline for project report: One month after project completion.

The Mississauga Arts Council wants to help you make your own music videos!

We’ll give you the tools, if you can show us what you can do. Today, professional musicians have to be masters of many things and we want to help with a few of them. 

Up to 15 applicants will receive a music video grant that will provide them access to Adobe Premiere Pro for 1 year to use in the making of their own music video productions. The winning applicants will also receive up to 6 hours of free instruction in video production and editing, digital marketing and social media impact. 

Each applicant will be required to submit at least one video by November 2, 2020 for screening in a new online ‘Sauga Music Fest’ TBD. The People’s Choice winner from that live screening event will receive $500, a free online promotion campaign and will be featured at the next Mississauga Arts Awards. 

Winners will be selected from three categories: Emerging, Established and Instrumental. The judge’s decisions on categories will be final. We understand that not all the questions in the application form relate, so please focus on where you are in your career and what you need to achieve with this program. 

Funding available: Free Adobe Premiere Pro software for 1 year and free instruction in August/September on production, marketing and distribution, free online festival and potential $500 People’s Choice Award.  

Deadline for video submission: November 2, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for applications to be received through our online form is Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

How can I submit an application?

Complete the online form at the bottom of this page by Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

Who can I contact for more information?

After reviewing the guidelines and frequently asked questions, you can address any additional questions to staff by email. Please contact and allow 1-2 business days for a response.

Can I apply for multiple grants?
Artists can apply for one (1) project per year, to allow sufficient opportunities for all members to apply for and receive funding.

Mississauga Arts Council is a member of the Mississauga Charitable Gaming Association. The MAC Micro Grants program is generously supported with funds raised through volunteering at RAMA Gaming Centre, Mississauga. We encourage you to visit RAMA Mississauga to experience this fantastic entertainment centre and support your local charities.

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