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Ontario Brain Institute: How dancing can boost cognitive health speaks with Sarah Robichaud of Dancing With Parkinson’s about how physical exercise can help the body — and the brain

Written by Daniel Kitts – Published on on May 25, 2021

“Science has firmly established the links between regular physical activity and mental health, and there’s evidence that exercise can help children do better in school.

“New research suggests that physical movement can also help keep the brain itself healthy — lowering the risk of dementia and reducing the symptoms of other neurological disorders.  

“On Wednesday evening, the Ontario Brain Institute is streaming a public talk about how physical activity affects brain health. One featured guest is Sarah Robichaud, founder and executive director of Dancing With Parkinson’s, a group that uses movement to help people living with the disease.  

“ speaks with Robichaud about the inspiration for the group and the wide-ranging impacts of dance.”