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Modern Mississauga: Summer Songwriting Contest Feature

The Mississauga Arts Council and Metalworks Studios Present “Sauga’s Summer Songwriting Contest” – Modern Mississauga

Published on on July 27, 2021

“The Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) and Metalworks Studios have teamed up to present the first Sauga’s Summer Songwriting Contest, with media partner Mississauga Music. We are looking for musicians to share their hot new summer song for a chance to win a recording and mixing session at Metalworks Studios, Canada’s premium recording studio.

The contest is open to any professional musician or music group living in Mississauga and is open for submissions from the following genres: Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Rock, and R&B.

want to land on and focus on the summer song to showcase this year.” says MAC’s Executive Director, Mike Douglas. “By bringing the winner into the best recording studio in Canada – well we hope that helps them!”

The jury will be announced next week and their comments as coaches will be valuable to the entrants. Douglas adds, “We’re building in some good coaching because this is about lifting everyone’s game.”

“We are always looking for Mississauga talent to record at our studios.” says Metalworks Studios Founder & CEO, Gil Moore. “This competition is a chance for artists to get their music heard by prominent folks in the Mississauga music scene and might just be the big break they have been waiting for.”

The competition winner will be announced at Mississauga Music’s the Mississauga Music Awards on Saturday, September 25th, 2021.

“We are looking forward to finding Mississauga’s next summer hit!” says Demetrius Nath, founder of Mississauga Music. “This is a fantastic opportunity for a local musician and we can’t wait to announce the winner at our awards in September.”

Interested musicians and/or music groups are invited to submit to Sauga’s Summer Songwriting Contest by Monday, August 23rd by 5:00 PM. Guidelines, more information, and contest form can be found online at: