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MicroGrant Success: Zachary Seto 2021

MAC’s 2021 Dance on Film MicroGrant winner, Zachary Seto, incorporates his own twist in all its shapes and sizes into art through movement and choreography.

His work, Estrella Emergence is a movement-based short film, transitioning from the darkness of the worldwide pandemic to the light & celebration that awaits humanity. Estrella, the Spanish origin meaning star, is a metaphor for the light that is in each human being. The work explores the sensations of being tethered to a location with the burdens of everyday life and the transformation of becoming a warrior of the light.
How can we move through the pain of last year to find the wisdom & strength to move forward. How can we trust that joy & freedom can enter our lives again?

The video premiered on September 28, 2021, with an introduction from Zachary and the first watch of the new dance film. Watch the video premiere here!