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Modern Mississauga: Mississauga’s Martys HUB seeks music by local artists to add to their Spotify “HUB Sauga Hits” playlist

Published on, January 4, 2022

Mississauga’s Martys HUB is looking to turn up the volume on the support of local artists.
They’ve created a playlist on Spotify featuring Mississauga musicians and they’re looking to continue adding to it.

Through an easy to use Google Form, local musicians can upload their new music to be added.
It can take up to a few days before the updates appear, so please be patient as they work through all the submissions.

This is a terrific initiative to continue supporting our valuable and vibrant music scene, especially given the set of restrictions recently announced starting January 5th, 2020.

Any questions, please contact Sherri Murray, MAC’s Communications Producer at