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Witness the unveiling of the brand-new 486 square foot mural at LCBO Port Credit!

Mississauga, ON – June 7th, 2022

Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) and Port Credit BIA are excited to announce the unveiling of the LCBO Port Credit Mural Project. This is a brand-new 486 square foot, six-panel mural located in the heart of downtown Port Credit on the west wall of the LCBO Port Credit (200 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga ON).

The unveiling will take place on Friday, June 17th, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM (weather permitting) at the LCBO Port Credit located at 200 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON. All are invited to attend the celebration to meet the artists, hear remarks from VIPS: Stephen Dasko (City Councillor, Ward 1) and Karen Priest (Board of Directors, Port Credit Community Foundation), and enjoy coffee and tea provided by Starbucks Port Credit Cafe. 

“The Port Credit Mural Project is an affirmation and affection of the local business and the community voices to communicate the Port Credit story and celebrate life through art. This is an example of the start of something that will be expanded throughout the community.” says Port Credit Community Foundation’s Karen Priest.

The mural highlights the culture and community of Port Credit and showcases original artwork by six local visual artists: Ashley Beerdat (Future in Abstract), Veronika Benjamin (Artist in Studio), Carla Gonzalez-Casanova (Meet Me Where The Music Flows), Lynn Taylor (Creation Story With Sky Woman), Yen Linh Thai (Freshly Picked), and Ray Vidal (Where Land Meets Water).

“The artists involved in this project are all local Mississauga-based artists, each actively contributing to the community in Port Credit.” says Jacqueline Mak, MAC’s Creative Director & Strategist, “Each piece of artwork was carefully curated to resonate with Port Credit community, celebrating the rich diversity, history and stories told by this vibrant neighborhood. This mural will be a strong addition to the LCBO’s already lively parking lot where events and festivities are held regularly.”

“This is a very special occasion, as this project has been in the works for quite some time and has now come to fruition!” says Ward 1 Councilor, Stephen Dasko, “The Port Credit Mural Project at the LCBO is just the beginning of a fantastic display of opportunities for our local Mississauga Artists. Thank you to our generous sponsors for this project: Brightwater, Edenshaw, PEEL Chrysler, Port Credit Community Foundation and Mississauga Arts Council for their support to bring this project to its full potential.”

Join us at this exciting unveiling on Friday, June 17th, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM (weather permitting) at the LCBO Port Credit located at 200 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON.

About the artwork and the artists

Ray Vidal
Where Land Meets Water by Ray Vidal celebrates the lively community events and members that Port Credit is known for. It embraces Port Credit’s Business Improvement Association’s colours, scenic landscape, waterfront, vibrant businesses and diverse art and music festivities that happen along the waterfront and bring people together. 

Ray Vidal is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, illustrator, muralist, musician and educator. He is passionate about bringing people together through public art engagement, mentorships, workshops and community programming. Currently, he focuses on murals, commissioned base work and teaching community programs and workshops for children and youth in the GTA. He has also recorded 2 full-length albums and a small EP with his MARTY Award winning band the Five and Tens. He currently continues to work on his music and perform all over the GTA, engage in public art initiatives and teach art programs with the Visual Arts of Mississauga and Queen Elizabeth Parkway Community and Culture Centre.

Ashley Beerdat
Future in Abstract by Ashley Beerdat, reimagines a vibrant and serendipitous future for Port Credit. From afar, this work is a colourful mosaic, but with closer inspection it reveals the flourishing life Port Credit has to offer.

Ashley Beerdat is a visual artist, art teacher, and community arts facilitator of Guyanese descent. Beerdat uses oil paint to explore themes of mythology, folklore and storytelling which are intrinsic to her culture as Guyanese-Canadian. In 2020, she completed an artist residency at Visual Arts Mississauga Riverwood. Her work is held in Mississauga’s permanent corporate art collection and has been exhibited at the Small Arms Inspection Building and Latitude 53. As an arts facilitator, she is passionate about delivering arts programming to underserved groups in the community and has facilitated workshops for SKETCH Working Arts, Making Space, Figment Toronto & EmpowHer.

Yen Linh Thai
Freshly Picked by Yen Linh Thai depicts a vibrant ensemble of fresh fruits, vegetables and florals coalesce to form the image of a person visiting the farmers market. With them is a little dog, an homage to the artist’s beloved pet Brownie and all sweet pups! 

Yen Linh Thai is an interdisciplinary artist, muralist and illustrator. Her work is based on personal narratives, explores the whimsical and exists on the cusp of two and three dimensions.

Veronika Benjamin 
Veronika Benjamin piece Artist in Studio depicts the strength and beauty of people of color. As a female artist of color living in Port Credit, she wanted to show the viewer what it takes for her to create art. 

Veronika Benjamin is a graphic artist/art director. She has exhibited at the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Neilson Park, and Visual Arts Mississauga. Currently, she is the president of White Oaks Art Group.

Carla Gonazalez-Casanova
Carla Gonzalez-Casanova’s rhythmic acrylic painting, Meet Me Where The Music Flows, is based on the musician’s life in Port Credit. Swirls of colour depict the continuous flow of energy in this area.

Carla Gonzalez-Casanova was born in Caracas, Venezuela and came to Canada to pursue her dream of becoming a visual artist. She has been creating art, exhibits, and commissions since 1995. She enjoys every medium in the arts and strongly believes in art as a healing form and that all should explore it and find what makes them tick by allowing themselves to paint, draw or sculpt their feelings.

Lynn Taylor
Lynn Taylor’s, Creation Story With Sky Woman is based on the story by the same name told by the Haudenosaunee people. On the outside of the circle, she painted previous abodes of the original peoples, and a simple portrayal of the different cultures, who live here today, hand in hand.

Lynn Taylor has resided in Lakeview and Mississauga for over 25 years. Her Indigenous heritage and culture stems from her mother and is a member of the Oneida Nation of The Thames reserve in Ontario (Turtle Clan). Lynn’s creative abilities began to emerge when she, as a young adult, won government-sponsored poster design competitions 3 years in a row. Her deep appreciation of nature and her growing knowledge of her indigenous background are her biggest influences. She is predominantly a self-taught artist and likes to work with varied subject matters and using a variety of mediums. She recently designed the logo for The Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters Indigenous Arts & Cultures, and is actively involved in this group as Director of Finance.

About the Murals with MAC

Murals with MAC is a neighbourhood beautification project that facilitates relationships between artists and community partners run by Mississauga Arts Council (MAC). MAC is helping to redefine traditional approaches to public art and provide paid opportunities for local artists to create, connect, and celebrate unexpected spaces throughout the city of Mississauga! Learn more:

About Port Credit Community Foundation:

The Port Credit Community Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created for the people of Port Credit. The Foundation is dedicated to fund a combination of hard investments, charitable endeavours, event support and other community initiatives. Learn more:

For more information about the LCBO Port Credit Mural Project, please contact:
Sherri Murray, Communications Producer
Mississauga Arts Council

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