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MAC’s Arts for Business Directory – Second Edition Out Now!

The second edition of Mississauga Arts Council’s Arts for Business Directory is out now, featuring 10 additional artists in a variety of disciplines.

Featuring over 40 creatives, MAC’s Arts for Business Directory shares curated entertainment options and creative programs for your next company event(s). The roster includes professional performers, musicians, visual artists, instructors, photographers and more.  Bring employees together, create a sense of place and belonging that lasts!All yours, courtesy of the Mississauga Arts Council.

Our new additions include:

  • Philoso7her (Instrumental Musician)
  • Natalie G Music (Musician)
  • Oleyada (Pop Artist)
  • Kim’s Cast of Characters (Performers/Live Actors)
  • Sandra Clarke (Textile Arts Instructor)
  • Anna Yin (Poetry Workshop Instructor)
  • Jennifer Cortez (Sound Healer)
  • Vanessa Burns Photography (Headshot Photographer)
  • Frank Bailey (Graphic Designer and Illustrator)
  • Blueheel Dance Studio

Thank you to our Promotional Partner, Mississauga Board of Trade.