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MicroGrant Success: Cullen McFater 2022

Cullen McFater used his 2022 Matchmaker MicroGrant to overhaul his feature film, Daylight Again, and prepare it for the film festival circuit.

The film has been a long-time project, from its inception as a short film in 2019, to reworking it into a feature film in 2021 with new footage. It had been many years for Cullen to work on his film, and after an initial premiere in 2021 with moderate success, he knew he wanted the film to be more. He used his MAC Matchmaker MicroGrant to recut this entire feature film, shoot additional material (based on audience feedback), and completely change the structure of the story, tying up loose story ends and creating a new and more refined finished product.

“Getting the grant completely re-invigorated my passion and motivation in the project. It went from being something I was chipping away at, tinkering with and polishing, to giving me the energy to make bigger, bolder choices – both in the way I was recutting the film and the additional shoots we did. I finally felt a fresh sense of creativity when I watched it, and am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to put the additional effort into taking the film to a place where I’m truly proud of it (and enjoy watching)!” says 2022 Matchmaker MicroGrant Winner Cullen McFater.

Watch Daylight Again (Final Cut Version) on YouTube below