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MicroGrant Success: Candace Kumar 2022

Candace Kumar used her 2022 Dance on Film MicroGrant to create Voyage, a coming-of-age dance film about a Filipina woman.

As Candace states, “It tells our stories as Filipina folk dancers. Folk dance has guided us through womanhood and brought us together as a community. Rooted in Maranao-inspired fan dance, the film explores themes of vulnerability, sisterhood, and growth. The film takes place in significant Asian-Canadian cultural landmarks in Mississauga, Ontario.”

Candace choreographed the film and co-directed with Ian Simon. Voyage features dancers Christal Bautista, Caitlyn Maramba, Jessica Noriel, Diana Reyes, Faye Roncesvalles, Kaye Penaflor, and Candace herself.

Watch Voyage on YouTube below: