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MicroGrant Success: Zohra Zoberi 2021

Zohra Zoberi used her Matchmaker MicroGrant to edit and publish her memoir, The Other I. Released in 2022, the book follows Zohra’s life as an Indo-Pakistani woman, navigates her struggles and successes from her teenage years to the present.

As Zohra’s website reads:
“In this book, Zoberi shares her tumultuous but fascinating life that is sprinkled with both ‘juicy’ and ‘scary’ twists and turns in selected tales like ‘The Gasoline Queen”, “The Bat Hunting Party” and a profusion of hair-raising, unique experiences from Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Sweden, and finally, Canada! She endures the initial struggles of an immigrant woman of color, to become a successful Canadian professional and community leader. As her journey leads her into her beloved world of literature, poetry and play writing, it highlights the potential for ‘enlightenment through entertainment.’ She also brings attention to serious, mental and physical health issues, alienation, and a myriad of social dilemmas, for readers to reflect upon, debate, and learn from.”

The book had a successful launch party at Churchill Meadows Community Centre in November 2022 to a full crowd.

“The Other I” is available for purchase on Zohra’s website.