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MicroGrant Success: Samuel Liu, Spring 2023

Project: Balance & Resilience: Self, Community, Sound and Color – Group Music & Drumming Wellness Sessions

Wellness workshop in action, photo provided by Samuel Liu.

Samuel Liu used his ArtsCare MicroGrant to help fund Group Drumming workshops that support mental health and wellness through music experiences. 

Samuel was trained by world-recognized percussionist Arthur Hull, widely known as “The Father of Modern Drum Circle,” and as a trained HealthRHYTHMS facilitator, he offers a transformative experience through the power of rhythm. He is also the founder of . His interested in music started at the tender age of 3 and has blossomed to what it is today.

Sam (Accredited Drum Circle Facilitator) and Karen (Board Certified Music Therapist) along with 3 other local Mississauga Artists: Abi, Lilly and Diana work together to bring wellness and Mental Health focused workshops using evidence-based group drumming protocols aiming to introduce Active music (and art) making experience to Mississauga residents aged 16 and up with moderate mental obstacles. 

Sam says of the workshops, “Participants in the wellness workshops overwhelmingly praised the soothing atmosphere, emphasizing the freedom to express themselves through drumming and painting without judgment or restrictive rules. The workshops fostered a sense of liberation, allowing individuals to be themselves and realize their capabilities. Non-verbal expression through drumming was highlighted as a valuable aspect, contributing to a relaxed, meaningful, and friendly atmosphere.”

Their programming is varied amongst school groups to family centres and at each session, there is something different and new to explore in the process of music-making with drums. Sam plans to continue providing workshops and seeking funding for them as they develop and grow.

My perspective on music, community, and personal fulfillment has undergone a profound shift, and I have embraced the role of a drum circle facilitator with passion and enthusiasm.

Samuel Liu

Here is an introductory video to Drummin: