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SNAP! Success: Potluck Ladies Premiere

Congratulations to Lifesketch Media on a successful premiere party for Potluck Ladies! Through MAC’s SNAP! program, Shazia Javed and her team had a launch party for the series in Rogers Theatre at the Living Arts Centre on April 26, 2024.

“Potluck Ladies is the story of Sumaira, Azra, and Ruby who live in “The Wives Condos” in the suburbs of Toronto with their children while their husbands work in other countries. They initially meet at potluck lunches, a weekly guilt-free escape from the loneliness of immigrant life. At first glance, they seem to be living perfect lives, but when their carefully crafted façades crumble, they form friendships with bonds stronger than a family’s.”

Watch the limited series – now streaming on Hollywood Suite & YES TV.

Sauga Neighbourhood Arts Program (SNAP!) is an initiative of the Mississauga Arts Council that brings artists and communities together to celebrate Mississauga.