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MicroGrant Success: Archy Jay, Fall 2023

Project: Music Video, Scotland the Brave, India the Bold (Bagpipes)

Archy Jay

Archy Jay used her Matchmaker MicroGrant to create a YouTube music video that highlights cross-cultural music performances. The music video titled “Scotland the Brave, India the Bold” features elements of Indian and Scottish music, a variety of instruments and cultural aspects that showcase their diversity. 

Archy Jay’s YouTube channel “The Snake Charmer” has over 760,000 subscribers and boosts videos that promote her heritage and that of others through engaging, colourful and unique content. Archy not only sings, but also plays the bagpipes in most of her videos. 

The Snake Charmer ft. Poczy can be seen in various spots throughout Mississauga, highlighting its hotspots while the song calls out to various elements of Indian and Scottish culture. Such locations include Riverwood Trail, Richards Memorial Park lakeshore, Downtown Mississauga and the iconic Erindale Park.

The music video recalls the popular Scottish song “Scotland the Brave” but mixed in with Punjabi beats and bhangra visuals. Of the video, Archy says:  “Like a few of my previous music videos, I presented Bagpipes in a very unique way, mixing it with different styles of music and creating a fusion. The aim is to represent two very different and opposite cultures and countries and promote a profound message of diversity and unity in these unsettling times.”

The project’s main sponsor is Visit Mississauga, and was released in December 2023. Watch it below:

Generously funded by Mississauga Arts Council through the support of RAMA Gaming House – Charitable Gaming at City of Mississauga.