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Sauga Summer Song Contest Success Story: Tennyson King, 2023

Project: 2023 Sauga’s Summer Song Contest

Tennyson King x Skye Wallace

Award-winning singer-songwriter Tennyson King recently released his winning demo-turned-track “What a Feeling” as part of 2023 Sauga’s Summer Song Contest. The summer song What A Feeling is all about how the changes in Canadian weather and seasons influence our feelings, giving us all the vibes for this upcoming summer.

“What A Feeling” is a pop-rock anthem resonating with those navigating the complexities of highs and lows,” mentions King. “Delving into the depths of depression, particularly prevalent during the winter months when overthinking and spiralling is often intensified, the song encapsulates the anticipation of summer as a beacon of hope.”

Tennyson’s song was chosen as the winner of the 2023 Sauga’s Summer Song Contest; in its third year of a collaborative effort between Mississauga Arts Council (MAC), Metalworks Studios, and SoundsUnite, with media partner Mississauga Music. Tennyson wrote this song in collaboration with Skye Wallace, an emerging rock singer-songwriter. Tennyson received a mixing and recording session at Metalworks Studios to turn his submitted demo into a mastered track for listeners to enjoy.

In 2022, David Leask won with the song “Feet In Your Shoes”. A song about empathy, which featured a competition of graphic artists around the world to visualize his lyrics. In 2021, Adina V won with the songAdmit It which stood out for its catchy melody and strong lyrics that stuck in the minds of all the jurors.

Tennyson King x Skye Wallace

Hailing from Hong Kong and Canada, Tennyson King is a Canadian Folk Music Award nominee and Mississauga Music Awards Songwriter and Vocalist of the Year winner known for his soulful vocals and humorous storytelling. With a warm vocal tone reminiscent of Jack Johnson and Eddie Vedder, King captivates audiences around the world with his authentic and heartfelt music as he puts it himself.

Tennyson King is also a MARTY 2023 Award winner, in the category of Music Solo Vocalist – Established. A true indie folk-rock nomad, the Mississauga-grown talent’s musical career has taken him to many communities across Canada including both the West Coast and throughout Ontario, five tours of Australia, and three tours of China. In addition, he’s performed in Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia. He will be performing “What A Feeling” throughout his upcoming tour in the UK and Canada.

Check out the official music video for What A Feeling now: