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The Sauga Neighbourhood Arts Program (SNAP!) is a new co-funding initiative of the Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) that provides financial support to community-led arts programs in celebration of Mississauga’s 50th Anniversary in 2024.

Arts Groups/Organizations, Festivals, Service/Community Groups, and Neighbourhood Associations based in Mississauga can apply anytime before November 1, 2024 for co-funding support of projects that serve their neighbourhood. SNAP! will support projects throughout 2024 that enable residents and artists to meet through beautifications, activations, and creative experiences across Mississauga and bring local residents into greater awareness, connection, and enjoyment of local professional artists. 

MAC’s Executive Director, Mike Douglas, invites you to apply to SNAP!

Successful projects will take place in Mississauga, include Mississauga-based artists, and serve Mississauga communities. These community arts projects can be from any art form and will engage residents of Mississauga. Get Creative! Eligible projects might be works of visual art: like murals, musical events: like concerts, theatre plays and street dances, or seasonal pop-up exhibitions by local curators in malls, community centres, parks, town centres, or parking lots. 

MAC looks forward to providing co-funding support for projects that inspire and entertain residents with the best local artists creating memorable experiences for fellow residents and visitors, in celebration of our City’s 50th Anniversary. (Priority will be given to projects with confirmed revenue sources at the time of application submission).

Apply for funding in a SNAP!

Step 1:
Download & Read the SNAP! Guidelines

Step 2:
Download & Complete a Project Budget

Step 3:
Apply through the SNAP! Webform

Questions? Contact to learn more.

SNAP! Guidelines & Eligibility


Applicant Eligibility
Eligible Applicants to SNAP! must be registered or unregistered groups, or organizations. Examples of eligible applicants include Artist Groups, Arts Organizations, Cultural Arts Festivals, Neighbourhood/Community Associations, and Event-producing Organizations.
SNAP! funding is only available to groups or organizations.  Individuals are not eligible for SNAP! funding. If you are an individual artist please consider our MicroGrant program that supports funding to individuals. Learn more: 

Project Eligibility
SNAP! supports projects that include any artforms (music, visual art, dance, theatre, writing, film, etc) and projects can include one or more artforms. Projects must take place in Mississauga and serve artists and residents of Mississauga. Eligible projects must demonstrate impact for local audiences and pay professional rates to artists for their participation. Preference will be given to projects that have confirmed revenue sources.

Project Timing
Eligible projects should take place within the 2024 calendar year. SNAP! funding will not support projects that have taken place before the application is submitted. Applications should be submitted a minimum of six (6) weeks before the project/event takes place.

Application Information:

How to Apply
All applications must be received through the program webform here:
MAC does not accept applications by any other means of delivery.

Application Deadline
Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until November 1, 2024.
We recommend submitting your application through the SNAP! webform application NO LATER than six (6) weeks before the event/activity date.
Notification of results will be released approximately 2 weeks after your submission is received. 

Application Requirements
The SNAP! application webform is a 2 page online application form. 
All applications must be received through the program webform here:

Accessibility Support
If you require assistance completing the application please email and MAC will contact you to discuss accessibility support.

Funding & Assessment:

Project Funding Available
SNAP! will invest in projects that celebrate Mississauga’s 50th Anniversary and engage participants/audiences through the arts. Funding amounts will vary depending on the scope of the project, but will typically be an amount of up to $5,000. Larger funding amounts may be available for projects with a larger budget and community impact.
MAC encourages applicants to have additional revenue sources for their project. Preference will be given to projects that have confirmed revenue sources included in their budget.

Application Assessment
MAC will review all applications received. Decisions will be made based on the following criteria:
– Impact & Audience Engagement
– Relevance and Connection to the Community
– Benefits to the artist(s)
– Achievable Project Schedule & Work Plan
– Realistic Budget and Timeline
– Other confirmed revenue sources in budget
Successful applications will:
– Promise an exciting event or lasting beautification
– Celebrate Mississauga’s 50th Anniversary
– Enrich arts offerings available to Mississauga audiences
– Include a feasible schedule, budget, and project details

Questions? Contact to learn more.

SNAP! News:

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Mississauga Arts Council’s NEW Sauga Neighbourhood Arts Program (SNAP!) provides funding for neighbourhood arts projects across Mississauga.

MAC announces NEW Sauga Neighbourhood Arts Program (SNAP!)

Funds for this program come from proceeds of the MACsquerade Glam Ball
and generous sponsorships, and donors like you.