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SNAP! Success: West End Vocal Jam

The West Vocal Jam was a SMASH hit on April 15, 2024! Organized by Heather Chrsitine, the event featured local jazz musicians and vocalists who lit up the Port House Social Bar for a night of stellar live music during Jazz Appreciation Month.

Organized by Heather Christine, the room was packed with talent: Liberty Silver, Heather Christine, Dionne R Grant, Heidi Cyfko, Carla Gonzalez-Casanova, Jennifer Cortez, Emily Falls-Klatt, Lindsay Rolland-Mills, Jaimie Poon, Denise Leslie, Elisa Rose, Jack Ridout, Rocco Speziali, Cat Bernardi, Tanya Cherneta, and Joanne Wanda.

Sauga Neighbourhood Arts Program (SNAP!) is an initiative of the Mississauga Arts Council that brings artists and communities together to celebrate Mississauga.