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Mississauga Arts Council beautifies the City with three new Utility Box Art Installations.

Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) is excited to announce three new utility box installations as part of its Murals with MAC – Boxes and Banners program.

“Murals with MAC is a neighbourhood beautification project that facilitates relationships between artists and community partners,” says Jacqueline Mak, MAC’s Creative Director & Strategist, “As a part of Murals with MAC, our Boxes and Banners program transforms dull, green and brown utility boxes into eye-catching landmarks. These hand-painted Bell boxes celebrate our City’s heritage and culture.”

MAC is proud to announce the launch of three new utility boxes painted by Sima Naseem, Yen Linh Thai, and Khaula Mazhar.

“We have installed over 30 neighbourhood artistic landmarks as a part of our Boxes and Banners program over the past 4 years,” says Mike Douglas, MAC’s Executive Director, “Congratulations Sima, Linh, and Khaula. We are thrilled to have your new Bell box murals added to MAC’s ever growing list of utility box designs and we know the community will enjoy their flare.”

The Creativity of Careers, painted by Sima Naseem, is located at 5135 Glen Erin Dr, in Mississauga’s Ward 9. Her imaginative design is inspired by the different types of career paths and learning opportunities available to students in nearby schools and libraries. “Being a part of Murals with Mac gives emerging artists like myself an opportunity to make my little stamp on the City through my art.” says Sima, Visual Artist and Animator, “It’s incredible to have people in your own community supporting your work.”

“Painting this box allowed me to contribute something tangible to my community,” says Yen Linh Thai, Interdisciplinary artist, Muralist and Illustrator, “It celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival observed by many East and Southeastern Asians, including my own family. I hope this mural brings joy to those who see it.” Linh’s box, Mid-Autumn Festival is located at 1270 Central Pkwy W, in Mississauga’s Ward 6.

“Having art in public spaces not only beautifies the area, but it also gives a sense of pride to community members. It makes art available for more, not just those who visit a gallery,” says Khaula Mazhar, Visual Artist. Her design, Luna and her Friends, is inspired by bees and nearby flowers. She hopes her box installation at 1311 Bristol Rd W, Mississauga, inspires the community of Ward 6 to plant native species of flowers to help the local bee population.

Learn more about Murals with MAC – Boxes and Banners program, discover past installations and register to be a part of MAC’s Artist Roster at:

About the Artists:

Sima Naseem

Design: The Creativity of Careers

Sima Naseem is a Pakistani Canadian artist who works with multiple mediums with a focus on painting, animation, and illustration. She enjoys making playful creations that come alive and make the viewer feel engaged and foster emotions of pure childhood happiness.

Yen Linh Thai

Design: Mid-Autumn Festival

Yen Linh Thai is an interdisciplinary artist, muralist and illustrator. Her work is based on personal narratives, explores the whimsical and exists on the cusp of two and three dimensions.

Khaula Mazhar

Design: Luna and her Friends

Khaula Mazhar is a self-taught, internationally exhibited artist. Intrigue in emotions evoked by situations and surroundings seeps its way into her multifaceted subject matter. She conveys feelings that range from festive and lively, tranquil and contemplative to nostalgic and melancholy.

Thank you to Bell for sponsoring MAC’s Boxes and Banners neighbourhood beautification program.